Wide Open

Inclusive Sustainable Thinking
Via Pierluigi da Palestrina 27
50144 Firenze
Tel: +39 348 8930747
e-mail: info@wideopen.bike

Wide Open develops unique programs “on” and “with” the bike – customized experiences drawing on our nature as human beings, which is aimed at socializing, sharing, staying together. E-bikes offer a smoother access to those unfamiliar with this sport. Wide Open, through bike experiences, helps teams achieve better results by improving their communication skills. Actually cycling allows you to: connect with the environment, thus enhancing full recovery from mental fatigue; constantly scan what is around; improve both concentration and resilience; learn to rely on the team, because any champions share their success with their teammates; look beyond the obstacles.

Wide Open’s concept can be summed up as follows: cycling is the new golf. It is a great opportunity for companies to connect both with their customer base and business partners, whilst the shared experience of long-distance cycling is a great way to build long-lasting working relationships. Cycling beats golf in the new world of networking: corporate cycling events are where today’s deals are sealed, because group bike rides are the new boardroom. The art of negotiation has shifted gears, and Wide Open is here to help its guests change theirs.

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