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Joint case histories

To date, companies and event agency asking for Dynamic Events’ services have often proposed several activities together, sometimes resolving budget problems, sometimes bringing innovative ideas, sometimes even "composing" the services of the associates in great synergy with extraordinary results.

Here are the benefits

  • You save your money
  • You can simultaneously involve a larger number of guests
  • You increase the value of your event
  • All this being aware of having a professional partner

Caput mundi between sail and Ferrari

Rome, July 11-14, 2008

Members involved: Red Travel-Italia in Ferrari and Sailing Challenge. A small event of great prestige managed by Red Travel in collaboration with Sailing Challenge. Starring ten general managers of Clearstream Bank, plus accompanying persons, from all over the world and housed in the beautiful Hotel De Monti, a historic building in the heart of Rome, which in the days of the event was reserved exclusively to the group.


The plan was a dream one: a day full time around the area of Castelli Romani aboard a superb fleet of the latest models of Ferrari and Lamborghini (total ten cars): unforgettable views in the cool summer of the place, on the beautiful supercars after appropriate technical briefing and under the constant supervision of Red Travel’s staff (ten people plus a photographer on board four assistance vehicles).


In addition to driving the cars, which is a pleasure in itself, the participants had other prestigious leisure activities: food and wine tastings, cultural visits to castles, five-star Spa treatments and dinners at gourmet restaurants. The program was completed by Sailing Challenge, with an amateur regatta along the Roman coast, aboard two sailboats, thus arousing the enthusiastic approval of all.

Simmetria for Banca Esperia

Venice, Porto San Giorgio, May 15, 2010

Members involved: Dragon Boat Experience and Sailing Challenge

The aim of this event, completely designed and managed by Simmetria agency, was to strengthen the "corporate identity" and to motivate the participants focusing on concepts such as teamwork and leadership.
Simmetria divided all the participants into six teams, which then faced each other in the following activities:

  1. Dragon boat, for a total of 102 people
  2. Sailing, for a total of 54 people and 6 boats with flags and customized sail numbers
  3. The game "discover Venice", for a total of 60 people

According to the rules provided by Simmetria, a score was assigned to each team based on the result of the activities, with a winning team. It was really three events in one. The two activities fully integrated one in each other for an original result enjoyed by all.

Rome and the sea: a dream from Traiano to Mussolini

Rome–Ostia, February 2012

Members involved: HR Tours and IF-Italy's Finest An insurance company in Austria led to Rome sixty top managers for a memorable day between vintage tours and a full immersion in the historical heritage of the city and its surroundings. Aboard ten Volkswagen minivan registered in 60-70 years (the so-called "bullies"), with driver in vintage uniform, the group has come a complex cultural and visually stunning route, from the Colosseum to Ostia Antica, with vintage music, coolers with sparkling wine and drinks as well as trays of warm pizza.

Here are the tour stops, each one with a guided tour:

Eventually, the group moved to Ostia Mare for a lunch at the restaurant "La Rotonda".