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With more than 15 years of experience, MiceGolf aims to let people experience the World of Golf.
Though not a team sport, golf is played by lots of persons, who all compete with the same goal. Having the same goal is the most important tool when it comes to this sport, while socializing is one of the main reasons that push people to play.
Maintaining concentration and steady nerves, even and especially when the swing is not performed as it should, is essential to practicing, as well as an unquestionable gift even off the court. A great deal of discipline and a lot of self-control is required to handle both game and life.
The standard proposal comprises a theoretical introduction, often carried out in the middle of the field, so as to give participants an immediate immersion in the nature wonders. Then... it’s swingtime! – each one aiming at improving him/herself, dealing with the group and above all having fun, fun and fun. Full matches are furthermore planned for experienced players, on regular greens. And there is always a cup at stake, because, in sport as much as in life, in the end someone can make it.

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