Corporate events, incentive and motivational events, team-building activities and events for employees

Dynamic Events

Marquees for Expo

Eurotend tents allow you to create indoor spaces provided with excellent quality and outstanding technical features that meet the most demanding requirements of any customer. The product range offers several exhibition options: from a large covered structure such as “Revolution”, with modern-looking aluminium tubes and cover with insulated panels, to octagonal, dodecagonal and polygonal tents of varying sizes to suit any space requirement. Eurotend also offers classic double-pitch marquees with span widths ranging from 10 to 60 metres.

Eurotend modular structures may be heated through hot air generators or cooled during summer.

Both the event tents and the storage tents by Eurotend are best suited not only to classic corporate events, but also to more dynamic meetings, such as the motivational, the incentive or the team-building ones, and they perfectly integrate the high quality offer of Dynamic Events for events for employees.

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