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Team building on Dragon Boat

The Dragon Boat is practiced by crews with 22 athletes for each boat, 20 paddle men, a drum and a helmsman that drive, everything to reach the maximum energy, strength and speed. It is targeted to companies that aim to the efficiency of the team. Dragon Boat Experience is specialized in organizing outdoor activities for corporate groups: apart from the specific activities carried out by Dragon Boat, they are specialized in Polynesian canoe, rafting and canoeing in general, as well as all those sports activities that are considered particularly suitable for team building. Companies are attracted by the remarkable involvement shown by participants, the spectacular aspects related to the events themselves, the image of team sports, the opportunity to sponsor boats and shows in a vast area and also the considerable interest shown by the mass media.

Dynamic Events, consortium of companies specializing in special services for corporate events, offers this service to incentive and motivational events organizers, as well as team-building activities and events for employees providers.

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