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Art and team building

IF–Italy’s Finest means above all excellence in the world of culture and art. It guarantees the opportunity to make exclusive cultural visits to inaccessible and still hidden treasures in Rome and throughout Italy: beautiful palaces, villas, gardens, archaeological sites and other places of great artistic interest, unknown even to most experienced travellers. Our contacts also include a network of private galleries, artists and collectors to allow both access to the most significant contemporary art locations and participation to opening ceremonies and prestigious events. The unparalleled professional competence also makes IF experiences a particularly useful tool for companies trying to turn their activities into opportunities to show their excellence: our proposals range from the nocturnal visit to the Vatican Museums or to the Basilica of San Marco, to the extraordinary opening of archaeological sites such as the Columbarium of Pomponius Hylas or Cardinal Bessarion’s chapel.

The consortium Dynamic Events recommends these services not only to those organizing corporate events, motivational and incentive events as well as events for employees, but also to the team building specialists.

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