Corporate events, incentive and motivational events, team-building activities, events for employees

Dynamic Events

Team building on the road

The events by Modo Promotion, far from being just about products and services, represent a form of brand entertainment involving the target. The brand thus becomes a star, starring with the audience on a truly touring show. Modo Promotion has a property fleet consisting of seven last-generation trucks, technologically advanced and different from each other in features and sizes. Either tailor-made for the client or completely customized both in the exterior graphics and in the interior set up, the truck is a real magic box for promotional tours, road shows and on the road campaigns. It can be transformed into a showroom, as well as in a video direction cabin, or in a multi-sensory path, a VIP area, an exhibition stand or a stage for outdoor performances, just to name a few examples. Dressing up the idea of the customer and delivering it by a means of transporting, is the mission of Modo Promotion.

The consortium Dynamic Events recommends these services to the organizers of corporate events, motivational and incentive events as well as events for employees, but especially to the team building specialists.

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