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Dynamic Events

Ferrari Tours by Dynamic Events: the plus points

Every Red Travel event offers a high level of personalization: this lets the purchaser make unique his/her experience of Ferrari incentive or Ferrari event giving maximum satisfaction to each participant.

The car portfolio includes cars in limited edition, directly purchased from Ferrari, delivered to Red Travel with full optionals and personalized label Red Travel. Among the other plus points we highlight the exclusivity (opportunity to test the full stable Ferrari in one day); the sportsmanship in total safety; the Red Travel staff assistance and support car/mechanical assistance; the mapping of spectacular itineraries; the cooperation with hotels, restaurants and car repairs all over Italy; a tested logistics (radio, transportation, synchronous services).

Dynamic Events recommends these Ferrari Tours of Italy as well as this kind of Ferrari Trip to the organizers of corporate events and events for employees – especially motivational, incentive and team-building events of course.

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