Corporate events, incentive and motivational events, team-building activities, events for employees

Dynamic Events

Creative lighting by Dynamic Events: the plus points

With a talent staff of experienced designers, ALF Service can strategically plan and coordinate professional photography, film making, special lighting, lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor activities as well as for events and exhibitions, providing solutions using up to date cutting edge technology. Projects can be rapidly visualized using 3d renderings and model prototypes, so to make the client fully aware of the creative idea and of its potential.

Among the services: projecting, organization and direction; audio design for concerts, conferences, presentations; special effects; technical, architectonic and art lighting; any kind of setup; movie, commercial and documentary films production service; sphere projections system; location scouting; entertainment.

These solutions perfectly fit to any corporate events, events for employees, as well as incentive and motivational events and even to some team-building activities.

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