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Team building on Dragon Boat for Huawei Italia

Egg Rome Events organized at the Pond of the EUR a team building outdoor activity during the first All Staff Meeting of Huawei Italia, which was attended by about 500 employees, both Chinese and Italian.

To involve both cultures came the creative idea of an incentive Dragon Boat, organized by Dynamic Events’ member Dragon Boat Experience. Heating, paddling, dry training, synchronization tests at the drums’ rhythm were the first approach of Huawei employees to the Dragon Boat, which increased both the enthusiasm and the team spirit.

Once completed the training, the crews boarded resolute and had fun; after a trial, the boats lined up. At the start the sound of drums raised in the air, the paddles hit the water at a fast pace punctuated by the drummer, teams ran along the aisles incurred by the supporters’ incitement, up to the finish line.

The final, with the best qualified teams, was followed by all the 500 employees with great emotion.

And after the team building dragon boat it was awards and celebration time, during which the joy of the winners and all participants just blew up.

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