Corporate events, incentive and motivational events, team-building activities, events for employees

Dynamic Events

Dragon boat and hot air balloons with Dynamic Events

Here’s the plus points list of Dragon boat outdoor activities, team building dragon boat and incentive dragon boat by Dragon boat experience combined with ballooning over Italy or ballooning Tuscany brought by Charbonnier:

• introduction to dragon boats and safety procedures;

• warm-up exercise session;

• land practice – paddling, drumming, starting a race, etc.;

• practice in water with 500 m warming up and fun races, heats and finals;

• presentation and photos;

• organization and management of tourist flights for individuals and corporate groups in Italy;

• in-flight lunches and special flights;

• management of incentive groups in Italy and abroad;

• design, realization and management of advertising balloons with both a classic and special style;

• management of balloons for spectacular use during either day or night events with special effects;

• rental/management of balloons customizable with removable banners.

• organisation of aerostatic events.

• participation in aerostatic events over the most exotic locations on the earth.

• support for film and television productions and commercials.

The consortium Dynamic Events recommends the Dragon boat activities by Dragon Boat Experience combined with hot air balloon flights by Charbonnier to the organizers of corporate events, mainly motivational, incentive and team-building events as well as of events for employees.

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