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The Compagnia degli Chef joins Dynamic Events

A new member joins Dynamic Events: it's the Compagnia degli Chef, brought by a group of over forty renowned Italian chefs, aims to promote Italian cuisine every day, enhancing its agro-food excellence and interpreting it with originality as well as with a focus on each land’s peculiarity. 

Among the members of the Compagnia important names stand out such as starred chefs Igles Corelli, renowned for his programs on Gambero Rosso TV channel, Salvatore Tassa, Giuseppe Ricchebuono, Tano Simonato, Luigi Pomata, Nicola Batavia and many more. Owners of major restaurants and high-level catering consultants, even outside Italy, these chefs make up a group of friends all united by the will to team in the name of Italian cuisine and its excellence. As a whole, this proposal, unique in the Italian meeting industry, is particularly well placed in Dynamic Events, aimed to offer dynamic solutions for state-of-the-art corporate events, incentive and motivational events, and now providing excellence in the successful field of cooking-based team-building activities – a real exclusivity.

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