Corporate events, incentive and motivational events, team-building activities, events for employees

Dynamic Events

Show cooking, cooking cup and light design with Dynamic Events

Here’s the plus points list of a show cooking or a cooking cup provided by the Compagnia degli Chef combined with professional photography and film making, special lighting, lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor activities brought by ALF Service:

• organization and management of high-potential cooking entertainment and team-building activities;

• flexible formats depending on customer requirements;

• tailored management of incentive groups;

• multi-level activity depending on participants’ skills and experience;

• constant support of starred chefs;

• Projecting, organization and direction;

• Audio design for concerts, conferences, presentations;

• Special effects;

• Technical, architectonic and art lighting;

• Any kind of setup;

• Movie, commercial and documentary films production service;

• Sphere projections system;

• Location scouting;

• Entertainment.

Consortium Dynamic Events recommends events co-produced by the Compagnia degli Chef and ALF Service to organizers of corporate events, mainly motivational, incentive and team-building events as well as of events for employees.

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