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Dynamic Events

Ferrari tours and marquees with Dynamic Events

Here’s the plus points list of Ferrari Tours of Italy, a Ferrari incentive, a Ferrari event as well as a Ferrari trip by Red Travel combined with modular structures, tents, event tents and storage tents brought by Eurotend:

• introduction to instructors and the day’s activities;

• distribution of your team T-shirts and caps. Team photo;

• introduction to dragon boats and safety procedures;

• warm-up exercise session;

• land practice – paddling, drumming, starting a race, etc.;

• practice in water with 500 m warming up and fun races, heats and finals;

• presentation and photos;

• sale, rental, marquee installation;

• quick delivery everywhere;

• wide range of indoor attachments that fit any requirement and need: exposed wooden footboard floors, doors, lighting systems, heating and air-conditioning systems etc. in order to ensure practicality and architectural pleasantness for any event;

• expert advice for both the designing stage and the preparation of temporary structures;

• qualified support to system installation.

Consortium Dynamic Events recommends events co-produced by Red Travel and Eurotend to organizers of corporate events, mainly motivational, incentive and team-building events as well as of events for employees.

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