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Ballooning over Expo

Charbonnier Balloons, the Dynamic Events’ member specializing in balloon flights, on the occasion of Expo offers hot air ballooning flights over Milan, lasting approximately one hour, with departures from Lodi, Cassano d'Adda and Trezzo, as well as from farther points such as Reggio Emilia and Masino Castle (Turin, 100 km from Milan). As an alternative, balloon flights over the Alps of Aosta Valley.

Charbonnier Balloons has a thirty-year experience in aerostatics; it is currently the largest organization for balloon flights in Italy and among the first in Europe. It carries out both tourism activities such as passenger flights, incentive flights, mass demonstrations, participation and organization of aerostatic events, and promotional activities through either the use of balloons as advertising media or the designing and realization of inflatable advertising supports.

This offer gives a further qualification to the proposal of Dynamic Events for and incentive trips and team-building activities, helping place it among the first of its kind, both for corporate events and events for employees.

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