Thanks to the exclusivity of the selected locations and the originality of its proposed experiences, such as private tours and customized events on usually inaccessible sites, IF services are an ideal tool to welcome prestigious guests visiting Italy.

During the test show the owner Mr. Filippo Cosmelli offered buyers and journalists an exclusive insight into Florentine art and traditions. Three stages: Giotto’s Crucifix in the Chiesa di Ognissanti, painted according to the “Christus patiens” iconographic type, which was established in Tuscany during the thirteenth century through Byzantine influence (from Giunta Pisano to Cimabue), albeit the totally humanized figure that Giotto himself had invented in his early version of the Cross in Santa Maria Novella; Ghirlandaio’s Last Supper, located in Ognissanti’s refectory (exclusively opened for the occasion), which represents the achievement – thanks to the artistic maturity of Domenico Ghirlandaio – of the unequalled aesthetic standards of late Renaissance; and Stefano Bemer’s workshop, a shoemaker for whom the famous American actor Daniel Day Lewis worked, in the retreat from the scenes that he decided to grant himself fifteen years ago.

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