Bologna and Maranello, May 18th 2011

Red Travel organizes very exclusive incentive and corporate events based upon the best of “Made in Italy”, coherently with both the clients’ spirit and mission. Every event offers a high level of personalization, thus letting the purchaser make this experience unique giving maximum satisfaction to each participant. These are the reasons why Kraft, with the aid of the agency Gastaldi Global Travel, asked Red Travel to organize a one-day incentive trip dedicated to their best Brazilian agents. A day dedicated to driving the mythical "rosse" ... right at home. The tour, in fact, culminated in Maranello, the venue of Ferrari’s headquarters.

48 participants, plus eight staff members. On board 12 super cars, properly briefed and assisted by three supporting cars, they travelled along the Emilian Apennines from Bologna to Maranello and back, lunching at the famous restaurant Il Cavallino and visiting also Ferrari Gallery.

Red Travel’s own fleet offers limited edition cars, directly purchased from Ferrari, delivered in full optional configuration with customized Red Travel tag. Among the key points:

  • Exclusivity: the entire Ferrari range is testable in a single day
  • Safe sportsmanship
  • Red Travel staff assistance, support cars and mechanics assistance
  • Map of the scenic routes
  • Collaboration with hotels, restaurants and shops all over Italy
  • Proven Logistics (radio, transport, synchronous of services).

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