Turin, August 28th – September 12th 2010

On this occasion, Eurotend set up a model “Revolution” tent measuring 20x50 meters with a side six meters high, furbished with a wooden flooring platform. On both sides of the tent a steel frame was fitted, with a "veil" in a customed printed PVC sheet with the slogan of the event (see photo). The tent had been adapted for its inclusion in the site, whose dimensions were just slightly greater than those of the structure, and took into account the constraints of the urban design. Not being in fact possible the insertion of nails in the soil, the tent was anchored with steel weights "incorporated" in the interior.

Eurotend tents allow you to create indoor spaces provided with excellent quality and outstanding technical features that meet the most demanding requirements of any customer. Eurotend product range offers several exhibition options: from a large covered structure such as “Revolution” (as in this case), an elegant structure with modern-looking aluminium tubes and cover with insulated panels to octagonal, dodecagonal and polygonal tents of varying sizes to suit any space requirement. Eurotend also offers classic double-pitch marquees with span widths ranging from 10 to 60 metres, which may be extended according to customers’ needs. Eurotend has also designed products and attachments which contribute to the elegance and comfort of a marquee. By way of example, its flooring systems ensure the perfect layout and steadiness of exposed wooden footboards, even if the laying ground is characterized by slopes.

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