Venice, San Giorgio harbour, May 15th 2010

From two of the most authoritative Italian companies respectively specializing in outdoor activities for corporate groups and in organizing corporate sailing events and regattas, here follows an “on the pitch” tale depicting how the Consortium activities may usefully complete and integrate each other!

«The objective of this event, completely conceived and managed by the event agency Simmetria, was to strengthen the client’s “corporate identity” and to motivate its staff, focusing on concepts like teamwork and leadership», tells Sailing Challenge general manager Oliviero Cappuccini.

«Simmetria’s client had originally selected only the regatta but the limited budget wouldn’t let them organize it for all the participants; hence Simmetria's idea to propose three different activities. This solution was facilitated by the existence of Dynamic Events and the varied specializations of its members. Simmetria then divided all the participants into six teams, which competed against each other in three activities: a) a dragon boat race (provided by Consortium member Dragon Boat Experience), for a total of 102 people; b) the regatta, for a total of 54 people plus 6 boats with flags and customized sail numbers; c) “discover Venice” game, for a total of 60 people. During the competition, following the rules provided by Simmetria, the teams were assigned a score based on the results achieved in each activity with a final winning team.»

«It’s really been three events in one», states Dragon Boat Experience owner Claudio Schermi. «Our Consortium provides the organizing agencies with a range of services which can be freely integrated with each other, for an infinite number of combinations for an original and unique event. To date, the event agencies and the incentive houses supplied by Dynamic Events have proposed original combinations of activities, sometimes solving budget problems, sometimes bringing innovative ideas to the final customer, and sometimes creatively combining our members’ services, achieving extraordinary results first of all for the end users but also, of course, for themselves, as their business focuses on proposing, managing and coordinating the whole event.»

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