Modo Promotion specializes in the organization and management of tours and promotional campaigns on the road, with the support of special vehicles and trucks. It has a fleet of modern trucks for events, great-looking, fully customizable, travelling and stopping in the squares, bringing the brands or the products directly in touch with the target audience, wherever it is.
For Expo it offers two trucks as temporary facilities from 1 May to 31 October. One is set up with kitchen for show cooking and/or food administration, to knit the Expo theme; and the other is set up as a temporary shop, licensed to on-the-road sale.
Obviously everything is itinerant and dynamic, so to touch different cities.
The rentals start from a minimum of one week and they cover, on request, even the Expo’s entire duration.
Inside the trucks the following areas will be available:

  • EXPO AREA for product display.
  • SALES AREA, subject to license to itinerant sale. Four or five monitors will be set up on the walls, while at the entrance an “open” area is planned. In the reception, desks and seats will be positioned.
  • HOSPITALITY AREA, to welcome both customers and B2B meetings.

Each area will be customized, keeping the customer’s mood as the basic guideline.

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