ALF Service can offer various lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor activities using helium balloons, optical fibres and projections. Catering for any occasion such as conferences, concerts, conventions, exhibitions, fashion shows, shooting commercials films and music.

During the Test Show ALF Service managed the evocative lighting of the three gala dinners, giving all attendees an impressive taste of its abilities. In the entrance of the Marino Marini Museum it set a background of magenta lights, thus personalizing the large window on the works of the renowned artist, just as if they were projected on the window itself, not physically present. The effect was obtained with the use of Panorama (large powerful projectors), and besides giving a precious touch of atmosphere it accentuated the futuristic character of Marini’s works. The following evening, in the deconsecrated church of Santo Stefano al Ponte, it obscured the interior lighting to bring out, with a strong white light, both the altar and the apse, in a sort of guest-catching scenery. Further light beams hanging over the participants’ heads created a mystical atmosphere very in tune with the location. Even the staging and lighting of the tables along the aisle accentuated this effect. Finally, at the Loft, it made a dramatic intervention, given the impossibility to act on the in-house lighting. Since the theme of the evening was the Tuscan movie, it took some post-war cinema projectors and set them up, turning them on, along the room. It was a very appropriate complement.

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