New shielding from sunlight, very suitable for cocktails, outdoor events or movie sets. It is a kind of flying "mattress" that diffuses the light of the sun: positioned above the event venue, it acts as a screen like a cloud. It is a very versatile system that eliminates the direct sun light on cocktails and outdoor presentations taking place during the hottest hours of the day. At night it can be used as a flying screen for video projections or as bounce/lighting balloon to illuminate the location. It can become a blue/green steering wheel screen during digital shooting. Its single modules can be joined, thus creating an over 200 square meter screen.


Aerostatic lighting systems allowing to illuminate indoor and outdoor areas from 1,000 to 12,000 square meters, excellent to locate exhibition pavilions too. With these systems, lighting literally gets a new dimension and the message multiplies its impact. The Lighting Balloons give great opportunities also for branding (they can be customized).


Revolutionary system allowing the projection of images on a 180-degree surface without deformation, thanks to a special system placed inside a 5-meter sphere. It brings on significant implications: just think what effect can elicit an image projected on a spherical surface, with adequate lighting, lifted over a venue.

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