The Italian Dragon Boat Federation (FIDB), which is part of Dragon Boat Experience, is the association of all the Italian teams of dragon boat. It organizes and governs the sport and leads it in line with the guidelines of the International Federation, but also with the values ​​of sport.

FIDB recognizes in its Constitution a Commission of women operated for breast cancer. The Movement of Women Operated for Breast Cancer as a part of Dragon Boat Federation was launched in Italy on the occasion of the 2002 World Championships in Rome, thanks to Orlanda Cappelli, who worked independently as an FIDB delegate. On the death of Orlanda in August 2008, the Federation quickly reacted, setting up the «Women in Pink» Committee in February 2009 whose coordinator was appointed Ms. Milena Vacirca. She was able to work independently within the federal administration. In 2010 the first conference was held on the occasion of the Rome Marathon and the Federation has sponsored and supported also the conference in Venice.

A national working group was so born to bring together the new Italian teams Women in Pink. With great pleasure, the Federation has followed the coordination. On February 19, 2011 the Federal Assembly officially recognized the Commission in its Statute – a truly historical fact as FIDB has been the first in Italy to carry out so significant an act allowing Women in Pink both to have a sport identity and to democratically express their representation.

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