The brand name “Dragon Boat Experience” comes from a multi-year partnership, not only with the Italian Dragon Boat Federation, but also with companies specialized in organizing sports events and with partners in the operational sector of corporate events. The DBE is specialized in organizing outdoor activities for corporate groups: apart from the specific activities carried out by Dragon Boat, they are specialised in Polynesian canoe, rafting and canoeing in general, as well as all those sports activities that are considered particularly suitable for team building. Companies are attracted by the remarkable involvement shown by participants, the spectacular aspects related to the events themselves, the image of team sports, the opportunity to sponsor boats and shows in a vast area and also the considerable interest shown by the mass media.

The dragon boat is practiced on standard boats 12.66 metre long and 1.06 metre wide with dragon-shaped head and bottom. The crews consist of 22 athletes for each boat: 20 paddle men, a drum giving the beat e and a helm that drives, combining strength and rhythm to reach the maximum speed and energy. Everybody can safely practice dragon boat, thanks to both the stability of the boats and the easiness of the technique. It is especially targeted to companies that aim for the efficiency of the team. But it is perfectly suitable also to university sports groups, schools, handicapped people, as well as to true sportsmen, particularly for those specializing in water sports.

The Dragon Boat Experience offers All Inclusive packages, including the location, the equipment and the technical management for the Dragon Boat activity: boats, helmsmen, paddles, safe buoyancy jacket, shower kit, t-shirts and gadgets with logos, depliants with history and technical explanation (Italian and English) and, on request, even in French and German. The activity will run on a well-studied programme that will be communicated at least 20 days prior to the chosen dates.

In these photos you see DB Experience at the last Vogalonga, one of the most characteristic manifestations held in Venice: thousands of rowing boats follow a path that winds for about 30 km across the lagoon, in a non-competitive race aiming to raise the awareness of the authorities on the problems of the city.

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